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Den of Thieves: Book 1 of the Ancient Blades Trilogy


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Malden is a thief, and a good one.  Too good, perhaps, as he has attracted the attention of the local Guild of Thieves.  He’s given a simple choice: join them or die.  Malden’s smart enough to know which to pick, but he wasn’t counting on the initiation dues: one hundred and one gold royals, more than most citizens of the Free City of Ness would make in a lifetime.

When the perfect job comes along, one that would clear his debt in one stroke, he jumps at the chance.  He only has to break into the palace of the city’s ruler and steal his golden crown… and make it out alive.

What Malden couldn’t know is just how valuable the crown is, and to what lengths the city’s ruling class will go to get it back… or make sure it’s never found again.  Caught in a deadly power struggle over the very future of his city, Malden must face powerful sorcerers, the daughter of a witch, and two battle-hardened knights of the order of the Ancient Blades or see his entire world burn in the flames of civil war…

Den of Thieves is the first novel in David Chandler’s new Ancient Blades trilogy.  It’s a story of magic, adventure, and low cunning inspired by the great swords and sorcery novels of the pulp era, blended with a distinctly post-modern sensibility.  Sure to please any fantasy fan it is a high-energy, fast-paced romp through a wholly original world.  And it’s just the beginning…