The Novels of David Chandler

Honor Among Thieves Available Now!

Honor Among Thieves, the third volume of David Chandler’s Ancient Blades trilogy, is on sale as of November 29, 2011!

(Spoilers ahead!  You have been warned)

In this third volume, the entire Kingdom of Skrae has fallen under attack by the barbarians of the east, led by the traitorous Morget (last seen in A Thief in the Night).  Sir Croy must take charge of the scattered Ancient Blade order, while Malden returns to the Free City of Ness to try to salvage (i.e., steal) whatever stability and calm (i.e., whatever’s not bolted down) he can.

Meanwhile, Cythera is reunited with her mother, the witch Coruth… only to find that her destiny has caught up with her…

Don’t miss this culminating chapter of the exciting trilogy!  Get it now wherever books are sold, either online or in brick and mortar bookstores near you!

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