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    Den of Thieves eBook is $2.99!

    To raise awareness of the Ancient Blades trilogy, Harper Voyager has reduced the eBook price of Den of Thieves, the first volume, to $2.99.  The promotion will continue until July 3rd.

    This is a great chance for new readers to pick up the book and see what all the fuss is about!

    Check out the Voyager site for all the details, by clicking here.

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    What are the Ancient Blades?

    Seven swords forged at the dawn of civilization, meant for one thing alone: to slay demons.  Some are inherently magical, while some are designed to cut through magic as easily as flesh.  They were created for a world beset by the denizens of the pit, a job they may have done all too well.

    Though centuries have passed their blades have not dulled and their true destinies have not yet been revealed.

    “Ancient Blade” can also refer to one of the order of knights formed to wield the swords, men of great physical might and devastating skill.  Each of them takes a vow when they receive their sword to treat it as their very soul.  They serve the king of Skrae and the people of that kingdom, and live by a rigorous code of honor and chivalry.

    Except when they decide to betray their fellows…

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    Welcome to

    “Let me get this straight,” Malden said.  “You found yourself in the worst part of Ness, all but dead, hunted by the entire city watch.  So you sent for me, a thief you barely know, thinking I would help you simply because there’s a woman in peril who needs to be rescued.”
    “Yes,” Croy said, as if very glad that Malden finally understood.
    “What in the Bloodgod’s name are you?” Malden asked.
    “In the name of the Lady, I am an Ancient Blade,” Croy answered.
    As if that explained everything.


    Welcome to, the website for author David Chandler!

    Here you’ll find news about his books, excerpts from the Ancient Blades trilogy, and much more.  To get started, click on the sword above labelled “NEXT”, and learn all about David Chandler’s latest novel… and get ready for an adventure like none you’ve seen before!

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    The Ancient Blades Trilogy

    Den of Thieves is the first volume in a trilogy of fantasy novels by David Chandler.  The excitement doesn’t end with the last page!  Two more books will be forthcoming:

    A Thief in the Night: A terrible secret and an incredible treasure wait below the earth in an ancient and deserted dwarven city.  Our heroes must brave undead guardians, deadly traps, and the darkness of their own history to find it… or to simply survive.

    Honor Among Thieves: The Kingdom of Skrae goes to war in this breathtaking conclusion to the trilogy, which finds the usual suspects arrayed against an unstoppable invasion force from beyond the eastern mountains.  The barbarians have arrived!

    The best part?  Both books will be published in 2011.  You won’t have to wait to watch the story unfold!  A Thief in the Night will be released in October, and Honor Among Thieves is coming in December.  It’s going to be a wild ride!

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    A Thief in the Night

    The second volume of the Ancient Blades trilogy is available now!

    A Thief in the Night, released September 27, 2011, picks up where the adventure of Den of Thieves left off.  Come back to the kingdom of Skrae, and find out what Malden, Croy and Cythera are up to now.  Meet the new characters: Morget, the laughing barbarian, Balint the devious mistress of traps, and the enchanting Aethil… about whom, perhaps, the less said the better…

    A story of high adventure and low dealings, A Thief in the Night is sure to please any fan of epic fantasy or swords and sorcery.  Cross the kingdom of Skrae to the royal fortress of Helstrow and dare to enter the wild lands beyond… explore an ancient ruined city under a mountain and brave its undead guardians… most of all, click here for more information!

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    Honor Among Thieves Available 11/29

    The third volume of the Ancient Blades trilogy, Honor Among Thieves, is available for purchase on November 29th at bookstores everywhere and online.

    This is the book it’s all been building up to.  Having unwittingly unleashed an invasion on the Kingdom of Skrae, Malden and Croy must do their best to hold back the oncoming hordes of barbarians.  Croy takes his rightful place in the Ancient Blades and finds that politics can be a fast-paced game when everyone around you is losing their heads–literally.  Meanwhile Malden returns to the Free City of Ness, to find Cutbill, the head of the Thieves’ Guild, is missing, and the Burgrave of the city is riding out to play at war.  What’s a (semi-)honest thief to do, but steal the whole place for himself?  As for Cythera… her time is up.  Her witch mother tells her it’s time to begin her training in the occult arts.  But which path will Cythera choose?  And will she survive her training?

    The action never stops in this third culminating saga of our heroes at war.

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Honor Among Thieves Available Now!

Honor Among Thieves, the third volume of David Chandler’s Ancient Blades trilogy, is on sale as of November 29, 2011! (Spoilers ahead!  You have been warned) In this third volume, the entire Kingdom of Skrae has fallen under attack by the barbarians of the east, led by the traitorous Morget (last seen in A Thief in the Night).  Sir Croy must take charge of the scattered Ancient Blade order, while Malden returns to the Free City of Ness to try to salvage (i.e., steal) whatever stability and calm (i.e., whatever’s not bolted down) he can. Meanwhile, Cythera is reunited with her mother, the witch Coruth… only to find that her destiny has caught up with her… Don’t miss this culminating chapter of the exciting trilogy!  Get it now wherever books are sold, either online or in brick and mortar bookstores near you!

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About David Chandler


David Chandler was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1971.  He attended Penn State and received an MFA in Creative Writing.  In his alter ego as David Wellington, he writes critically acclaimed and popular horror novels and was one of the co-authors of the New York Times bestseller Marvel Zombies Return.  The Ancient Blades trilogy is his first foray into fantasy.  He says he wrote the books “to appease my inner thirteen year old, the kid who grew up in the 80s reading the best of fantasy and science fiction.  The kid who never stopped loving those books.  The kid who longed to escape into a world of adventure and excitement, to get away, if just for a while, from his boring suburb and wander through worlds that could never be.”

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